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Reiki / Energy Healing


What is Reiki?


REIKI: Rei means universe Ki means vital energy.


The term Reiki holds the frequency of Wise Universal Life Force. In order to conceptualize that which is beyond words multiple descriptions may be helpful.


Reiki can refer to Divine Life-Force Energy, Universal Energy, Source Energy, Universal Life-Force, Universal Intelligence, Cosmic Energy, Healing Light, the Innate.

What is a Reiki session with Dr. Flay like?


The Intake: You will be greeted warmly; I’m excited to be working with you! You will be welcomed into a safe space where we can explore what brings you in. Maybe you are looking for healing, enlightenment, or a shift in your life. As we talk, you will bring the core of what brings you in up into your energy field. You can do this by voicing, or thinking and feeling it. 


Receiving Reiki: The Reiki Session will begin with getting nice and grounded. Being grounded means that you are connected with the Earth who’s energy is supporting, nourishing, and healing. Grounding will ensure that you are rooted and able to receive and integrate the Reiki Energy easily and with maximum benefit. 


Once grounded, you will be energetically reunited with your Highest Self and the Creator (Source). This reunion will connect you with your Highest Expression in the here and now, allowing you to shift into your innate awareness, power, and True Being.


From here, I will channel Reiki to each of your main chakras (energy wheels) which are like lenses that we use to receive and express energy. If we experience incongruent energy, meaning a situation that does not line up with who we are, then energy can become stuck and if not processed it will accumulate and create a block. Areas that can be affected by a blockage in a chakra include security, vitality, resources, creating, connection, pleasure, life force, will, sense of power, love, expression, communication, insight, understanding, intuition, knowing, and alignment etc. Reiki is an intelligent energy that will naturally flow to where it is needed. If there is a block, Reiki will get the energy moving so that the stuck energy/block can be processed, integrated, and cleared from the charka. Each session will be catered to your unique needs and so Reiki will be channeled accordingly. For instance, if you came in with shoulder pain, I will be channeling Reiki to your shoulder. 


Getting close to the end of the session, Reiki will cleanse, refresh, and revitalize your aura (energy field). You will be aligned with the Spirals of Cosmic Energy from you to Source, as well as the Spirals of Earth Energy from you to the Earth. I find that aligning with the Spiral Energy is centering and empowering. 

The session will come to an end with what is called Heart Linking which re-establishes your direct heart connection with the Creator (Source). There is so much love here. 

Your Reiki Session will now be complete. 

What have previous clients reported after a session?


Some clients experience sensations during the session such as tingling, warmth, releases, twitches, energy flow, and/or coldness. It is also possible to experience seeing colors, receiving downloads of insight/understanding, and feeling unconditional love. Generally, after a session clients report that they feel calm, at peace, more present, hopeful, and that they have experienced a shift. The results can benefit a person physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Some sessions focus on physical healing, others mental and emotional; All is interconnected and Reiki will go where it is needed. Each person will experience Reiki in their own way, and some people do not report experiencing any sensations during the session and that is okay, it does not mean that Reiki will not have an impact, Reiki is naturally a powerful energy. Sometimes people experience its impact a few hours, or days after a session, where they suddenly realize that they have had a shift.

Dr. Flay's approach to Energy Work.


Energy work is a sacred practice. I begin the process the first time you and I connect. I begin by intending that I am aligned with my Highest Self and the Creator to be an open channel of Divine Energy (Universal Life Force) for your session. I trust in Reiki and your innate ability to heal, awaken, and transform. I will act as a guide and walk with you as you find and create that which is your birth right, for the highest good of yourself and all living beings. 


I encourage you to be active in you healing and awakening, reminding you of the power of your intention- the ability to have a thought and hold a high vibrational feeling that is sent out to the Universe and has a rippling effect. Then, encouraging you to let go and be open to receive, expecting that what you have intended will reveal itself in your life. There is no need to figure out how it will, just simply working with your intention and allowing it to unfold will do the trick. 


In order to offer maximum benefit, I feel that Reiki does not end with your session. I like to work with clients in between sessions by connecting them with resources that I feel will be of value and give additional support for that what is being worked on. I love this work and would be honored to accompany you along your healing/expanding journey!

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