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Holistic Healthcare in Palmyra, New Jersey


Testing & Treatment

We offer a thorough and comprehensive nutritional assessment using the most advanced testing to pinpoint any imbalance in your body. These include Autonomic Response Testing and Heart Rate Variability Testing. In addition, we practice stress relief techniques that find and release psychosomatic stress from the mind and body. These include Neuro Emotional Technique and Psycho-NeuroBiology. Click here for more information

Natural Healing

We are proud to offer an extensive selection of holistic healing services that will give your body the support it needs to heal itself naturally. Our bodies are intelligent and know how to repair and heal when given the right support. Let us help you create a lifestyle that caters to your body’s unique needs and fosters a life of health and well-being.


About Us

The Nutritional Wellness Center (NWC) in Palmyra, New Jersey is a family practice specializing in the prevention and treatment of disease using the most advanced forms of holistic medicine to test for nutritional deficiencies, immune challenges, chemical/metal toxicities, psychosomatic stress and the exact nutritional support and regimen needed for healing to occur, utilizing organic whole food supplements, vitamins and minerals, herbs, clean diet, and stress relief techniques.

Natural Treatments

We use advanced natural healing techniques that are clinically proven to heal a variety of symptoms, dis-eases and other chronic or acute conditions. Our methods can help a person regain their health and live a better life. Click here to see a detailed list of issues we have handled successfully.

Patient Testimonials

"During my 18 years as a Personal Trainer I have always kept to a healthy diet, supplement and exercise regimen. In the last few years however my work hours and stress level had increased to the point of being unhealthy.

This situation led to me developing adrenal fatigue which in turn led to immune deficiency. This immune deficiency led to a serious pneumonia infection that hospitalized me for four days. During my long recovery I was lucky enough to get referred to Sean Inselberg through a client.

Sean tested me and found that I had adrenal fatigue. He put me on a specialized supplement regimen designed specifically to strengthen and heal my exhausted adrenal glands.

After following Sean's advice on supplementation and nutrition, I have regained full health. I can't say enough about Sean's extensive knowledge and expertise.

I am very grateful to Sean and would recommend him to anyone who would like to improve their health."

- Mike Colangelo CPT