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Holistic Healthcare in Palmyra, New Jersey

Sean Christopher Inselberg

Founder of the Nutritional Wellness Center of South Jersey

Sean's approach to wellness is holistic, which views the person as a whole. At the Nutritional Wellness Center, we look for the root cause of a person's symptoms so the barriers to healing can be removed and the person's body can heal itself the way nature intended. NWC uses nutrition, emotional release and stress reduction techniques, whole food supplements, herbs, and one on one coaching, so the best support and help is available to all.

Sean has his Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology and Accounting and further education in Finance, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Human Nutrition and Pre-Med. In addition, he is finishing his graduate degree in Human Nutrition. He has over 15 years of nutrition knowledge and experience and applies this daily with his patients. In searching for methods that work, he has become an expert in Nutrition Response Testing, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Pranic Healing, and Avatar. Using these techniques, he has helped many people handle issues that they could not handle else where.
Sean Christopher Inselberg - nutritional wellness in Palmyra, NJ
Sean has a love for animals and it was his dream to be a veterinarian since the age of five. Today at the Wellness Center, Sean helps not just people but dogs and cats too!!! Sean's passion in helping others to feel their best has enabled him to achieve success near 100% with all patients.

In his spare time, Sean is active in Bikram yoga, weight training and running. He enjoys playing the guitar and singing all types of music and has been in many successful bands in the area. He is also an organic foods chef and will be offering cooking classes in the near future.

Jocelyn Flay

Office Manager/Patient Advocate Administrator

Jocelyn has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University along with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science, Reiki One Certification, and Integrated Energy Therapy One Certification from Camden County College. She has training in Advanced Pranic Healing and is a Pranic Healing Practitioner. Jocelyn has a background in social work which involved working with the homeless, mentoring people with addictions and their family members, advocating for clients and organizing events at Center for Family Services in South Jersey. During her spare time, she enjoys mind-body practices such as yoga and meditation. At present, she is learning as much as she can about the subconscious mind and perception. She is fascinated with Neuro Emotional Technique (a stress relieving technique practiced at the NWC) and how it releases stress from the body and mind. At the Nutritional Wellness Center she enjoys learning about nutrition and wellbeing, and seeing patients go from feeling ill to amazingly well. Her favorite part of the NWC is being able to watch people transform from having symptoms or conditions to feeling healthy and in control of their well-being. She is currently studying and training to become a practitioner.
Jocelyn Flay - nutritional wellness in Palmyra, NJ

Janey Bell

Patient Advocate

Janey approaches holistic wellness by figuring out the root of the problem then figuring out how to fix it. She believes the body to function not in systems but as a whole as well as the mind to affect the body. Janey has completion certificates from Yale University, Princeton, and University of Edinburgh for courses such as Nutrition, Medical Neuroscience, and Advanced Neurobiology. She is currently completing Introduction to Philosophy with Modern Science and General Theory of Relativity, both to be completed by January 2017.

Janey has experience in traveling and doing research in agriculture around the world. She recently spent a month in New Zealand learning agriculture structure and how to cook from farm to table. Her main focus is on the gut and the brain. With the knowledge that the gut is the second brain, it all starts with the food you eat.

In her spare time, Janey enjoys reading, painting, and volunteering for the Philadelphia Art Association. She loves to spend time giving exhibition tours and meeting local artists from the Philadelphia area.

At NCW Janey enjoys learning about the technique of Autonomic Response Testing. She regularly steps in as a surrogate tester and is always intrigued by the results. She is pleased to see that every patient she has been fortunate to help has had very positive results.