Offering simple, effective solutions for optimal health for the whole family.

Meet the Natural Doctor


He is a master nutritionist who is passionate about making sure you and your family reach optimal states of health. Whether you are looking to prevent disease or heal from an already occurring condition, Dr. Sean is ready to formulate a specific nutritional regimen that meets your body's needs. 

Nutritional Wellness Center

A Global wellness Center

NWC is a family practice specializing in the prevention and treatment of imbalances that contribute to disease. We use the most advanced forms of holistic medicine to test for nutritional deficiencies, immune challenges, chemical/metal toxicities, psychosomatic stress, scar foci and the exact nutritional support and regimen needed for healing to occur, utilizing organic whole food supplements, vitamins and minerals, herbs, clean diet, cold laser therapy, and stress relief techniques.  Our wellness Center has gone Global and you can receive help from the comfort of your own home. Call or email us for more information. 

Integrative Medicine: Total Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit


We offer a thorough and comprehensive nutritional assessment using advanced testing to pinpoint any imbalance in the body. These include biofeedback methods such as Autonomic Response Testing and Nutrition Response Testing as well as Heart Rate Variability Testing. In addition, we practice stress relief techniques that find and release psychosomatic stress from the mind and body. These include Energy Block Release Technique and Energy Healing with Light.

We are proud to offer an extensive selection of holistic healing services that will give your body the support it needs to heal itself naturally. Our bodies are intelligent and know how to repair and heal when given the right support. Let us help you create a lifestyle that caters to your body’s unique needs and fosters a life of health and well-being.

Heal from the Comfort of your own Home with Long Distance Testing

Long Distance Testing consists of a comprehensive Nutritional Assessment designed to uncover any imbalances present in your body. Functional Lab Tests and your personalized Nutritional Program will be mailed to your door. Appointments are available by phone and Skype.

Distance Medical Services



“I was in my early 50’s and had lost some drive and concentration. My weight was edged up to 270 pounds, and I had numerous dermatological issues. In general, I was feeling old! After coming to the Nutritional Wellness Center, I’ve lost 50 pounds, work out 4 to 5x per week and feel much more connected and energetic.” 

— Bill Alber